Joe Uglietto
Diversified Energy Specialists
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The energy industry is undergoing a rapid transition away from carbon intensive fuels. The heating oil industry has been losing market share to competing fuels for the last twenty years, but a transition to low-carbon fuels could alter the competitive landscape. The transformation of the energy industry will have a detrimental effect on heating fuels that do not have the ability to reduce their carbon intensity and do not have a well-defined path to net-zero carbon emissions. This presentation will explore the life-cycle analysis and economics of all heating fuels, their ability to reduce carbon intensity, and how policy will impact future market share.

About the Speaker(s)

Joe Uglietto is President of Diversified Energy Specialists (DES) which is a biofuels consulting and environmental markets trading company. Joe has consulted on projects for the National Biodiesel Board and the National Oil Research Alliance on a range of topics, with the common goal of decarbonizing the heating oil industry.  DES serves as an aggregation for biofuel distributors in the Massachusetts Alternative Portfolio Standard and also trades in environmental markets across the country. DES is looking forward to providing aggregation and consulting services for biofuel distributors in Connecticut once the CT Thermal Renewable Portfolio Standard is implemented. 


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David Heiser
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Consumers are concerned about climate change – and right now they are getting the wrong information about heating fuels!  Your company needs a strong message that will resonate with homeowners and position you as part of the environmental solution.  The Bioheat® and renewable liquid fuels you sell are an immediate, deployable pathway to reach net-zero carbon dioxide emissions.  The right communications strategies can help keep more customers from converting to expensive, inefficient electric heat.  During this presentation, we’ll help you discover the best ways to hone and promote your company’s net-zero message, leading to greater customer engagement and embrace of renewable liquid fuels to reach a net-zero carbon dioxide future by 2050.

About the Speaker(s)

David Heiser is Regional Sales and Marketing Coordinator at PriMedia.  Representing the company for over 18 years in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and surrounding areas, in addition to sales responsibilities, he has been integral in creating, producing and presenting the company's, and clients’, sales, training, networking and marketing programs across the country. He brings a wide range of real-world retail sales experience combined with corporate strategic planning, to face-to-face sales meetings as well as the 30-40 webinars and seminars presented each year. Clients include independent businesses, multi-state companies, local and national trade associations.

Lindsay Fitzgerald
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The next generation of industry leaders will be living in a new biofuels world where mechanisms like the RFS may define both supply and pricing of biofuels in the future.  The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is a federal program that requires diesel sold in the United States to contain a minimum volume of renewable fuels, i.e. biofuel.  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administers the RFS program and establishes volume requirements for biofuels. Certain companies are obligated by the RFS to either buy the biofuels or purchase credits, called RINs, that represent biofuel production.  Thus both volume of production, purchasing of biofuels, and pricing through RINS on an open market all come into play with the RFS and is one path biofuel markets may evolve into over years to come, and that future marketers need to understand.  It may become as important to understand as understanding trading of heating oil on the NYMEX.  This session will also look at how the RFS affects your investment in biofuels currently; which businesses stand to profit most from RIN trading.

About the Speaker(s)

Lindsay Fitzgerald, Renewable Energy Group (REG) is their Director of Government Affairs.  Previously she was the Director of Regulatory Affairs at the National Biodiesel Board, and prior to that she worked at the EPA where she helped develop the RFS program, so her expertise and insight should be an invaluable resource for those who attend this webinar.

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